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Re: *** The L'Yvo-fanclub ***

They started last night, with making the chatthreads in NT disappear, they continued with player forums later. I really am a little upset about this, I know it's stupid because it's only an internet forum. But this thread is a bit of my life, I have so many reports written in them, things about my life. It's about how we got our friendship. And simply having a different one with the same title is not the same.

Yuk, the threads are not deleted, they are simply out of sight. Don't worry if they never come back in sight, of the 1800 pages of 40 posts a page, Steffi and I got about 1600 save. So only about 200 are lost.

I am not sure what to do. I don't feel like posting in this thread started by those &#^*$@ Moderators. Or simply start our own new home.

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