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Re: Wilson K Blade 98 or Babolat Pure Drive?

So I've been demoing a K Blade 98 for the last week and it's been interesting. Only managed to play with it three times but for about four hours all up due to rain throughout the week, including three match sets at club yesterday. The weight of the racquet doesn't bother me, but as I expected, I've had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the 98 frame since I've been hitting with one that's 105 for the last five and half years. I've actually had more trouble on my forehand, my preferred shot, which I found a bit odd. My two handed backhand is struck flatter and I managed to handle the adjustment with that side a lot easier but since I use more topspin on the forehand, the swing is bigger and I've cut at the ball and just completely miscued. I've also struggled with my serve, but I've got a shitty serve already so I'm not basing that on the racquet.

Question, does the 18x20 string pattern work against spin? In case I didn't word that right, is it harder to generate topspin with that certain pattern? I hit with semiwestern, and use a fair bit of it. Some guy yesterday had a big serve and I found that I needed to stand a 2-3 meters behind the baseline and block it back defensively 'cause when I tried driving it back off the baseline a few times, I framed it. I've got the racquet for another week but are there any others I should try? Like I said, I try and play aggressively on the baseline and wish to close points out at the net when I can.

Apparently Babolat racquets aren't suited to those who wish to come forward, slice and do things other than pound away on the baseline yet someone at the club yesterday recommended I try the "Pure Storm"? Thoughts, anyone? I haven't been rated officially as a player but after looking at that criteria, NTRP?, I don't think I'm below 4.0. If I played more than once-twice a week and had more time I'd probably be higher. *shrugs* My brother recently got the Blade Team to demo as well and that's got the bigger head yet it looks strange. I'll try it out of curiosity but am hoping that I can improve with the Blade 98 in the next week. Cheers if anyone can put any input in, or make comments, or whatever really.

Vamos Rafa

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