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Re: How did you become a Federer fan?

Ive been a fan of Federer since I first saw him play. It was early 2000 a first round davis cup tie between Australia and Switzerland in Zurich.

I had only heard briefly of Federer at the time and didn't expect much resistance from him against the Australians. But then Roger played great tennis to beat Philippoussis, win the doubles and had the upper hand in large parts of the match against Hewitt, despite losing.

Since then I knew it would be a matter of time since Roger would begin playing well, he looked very weak mentally in those early years but I knew that he would still eventually win at least 1 slam with a bit of luck. Never did I expect him to reach the level he did at Wimbledon in 2003 or USO 2004 though.

The 2002 Wimbledon/FO disasters were disapointing but interestingly enough I was most concerned about Roger very early this year prior to the Australian Open. Roger played magnificent tennis to win in Houston yet seeing him in a warm up event in Australia when he first arrived there Roger could barely keep the ball in the court and I was worriedthat Roger may be another Safin, plenty of talent but very rarely does it all come together for him to play well.

Roger got rid of those fears during AO
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