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Re: PYW Management 2009 - April to June tournaments available

Originally Posted by Caio_Brasil View Post
I don't think it's dull, I like voting for each round and checking the champions at the end of the week amd that's how the game works. What we can do to make it more interesting is posting some stats at the start of eavch tournament (like: PYW stars this week - player A champion at tournaments X, Y and Z). When I update the stats next week we will have all this info pretty easy.
and it has always been like this from 5 years, in the other tennis forums I have reason to believe that PYW score works the same way.
good ideas btw caio. I have also thought about making draw more interesing (e.g. similar to ATP real one) or post player pictures or face, to the "users" to have more "touch" with the players.
btw, we are rulling so much at dtt
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