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Re: Forum Moderator Needed

Originally Posted by Troickitard View Post
I think what people are trying to show you guys is that you can post and all that and make this a fun place without being a mod

I would say that you *should* be doing that before you can ever expect to be made one. I made the Djokovic forum a fun place, and that is why I was chosen by my peers to represent us.

You guys just have the order of things wrong, that's all. You don't become a mod, and then make a forum great... you make a player forum great and THEN become a mod.

If you guys think you have some great ideas you can make them happen without a silly title
Thanks Jess, that's it exactly.

Greg, if you honestly care about this forum and the players represented here then get involved first. Becoming a mod is a reward for work done and respect earned, it is not something that you show up and demand out of the blue. That's kind of like showing up on your first day at work as the McDonalds french fry cook and demanding to be the manager.

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