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Re: Volley Tips

Originally Posted by Ilovetheblues_86 View Post
Train a little on a wall > give a strong stroke then move to the wall and try to absorb the stroke in a gentle volley. "utting beneath and through the ball, finishing as if you could balance a dozen champagne glasses" like fast_clay said.
Also, don´t open too much your stance, the movement is really shorter then a normal stroke you just need to let the ball touch your racquet and then direct it down.
yes... i describe the volley to many students as the closest thing tennis has to the martial arts... there is a discipline to it that goes like: 'the more you do, the more error invite into the shot.'

the volley has minimal moving parts... as has been said, approaching the volley with a racquet face opened to 45'... for a ball floated towards you... the common mistake of 'doing too much' is often made... a rush of blood to the head may cause you to swing at the volley too much from contact and ruin the shot completely... what has happened is usually not wrong at all - you simply have done to much of a good thing... so, try to hold the racquet stable at the position where you have struck the ball...

lets say it is a ball floated towards your forehand - classice technique would say that you open the racquet face to 45' at about should height (but not behind you, beside you is good), turn the left shoulder, let the ball drop to shoulder, strike the ball in front of you while allowing the left foot to step ACROSS your body, meeting the ground at the same moment that you make contact... cut beneath the ball...

but... resist the swing... do not do too much... this is the discipline... after reading this, the catchpharse required on court while improving is: 'less is more' or something to that effect... the volleys are the 180' contrast to the groundstrokes and is what makes tennis THE toughest racquet/instrument sport to master... the skills are varied, the skill spectrum completely contrasting...

and more advanced test would be to see if you can hold your balance on that left foot for a second or two beyond the shot itself... whilst holding this position, take note of your position...

be your own hard taskmaster... schooling yourself to perfection is the hallmark of an intelligent player...

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why are you so seriously

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