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Re: we did the 1002 so now it's time for the 2002 ways we love andy!

Andy went on ESPN Hot List to repeat the same rehearsed lines.
The interview was something like this:

He loved to win Davis Cup for America with his great teammates.
The host asked him about being the next great American.
Andy looked annoyed.
(so why did he waste time promoting himself and avoiding practice and tourneys?)

He wanted to get his #1 ranking back. (I forgot to laugh)
He said again:
"America was spoiled the best possible way because of Sampras, Agassi, Chang..."

He didn't believe in training all day like the Russians.
"It depends on the player, but I rather be happy.
I wanted to spend time with friends.
I didn't like the tennis academy. I quit training there after 1 year.
I played basketball in school with Mardy.
(no wonder he didn't improve his game and Tariq, his coach, wasn't impressed when he met Andy.)

I could win before with a big serve and an incomplete game. I still don't have a complete game, but I'm getting better..."

(The host mentioned how easy it was for a player to fall in love with his own serve.
What's he going to do with the rest of his game? MORE OF THE SAME?)

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