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Re: Federitis Aid Network - a picture is a thousand treatments

Originally Posted by Harmless View Post
Firstly, Eve -
I am thoroughly impressed.
That picspam was the funniest thing I've seen since Rita's new sig.
You have quite a talent for arranging photos in a slashy, suggestive manner.
I approve this picspam.
Please to make a minimum of one a week, much obliged.
Why thank you Maya, glad you enjoyed! Tbh it was all nicked of Krist's photobucket and thrown together in a rush, but I'll do my best to up the ante for my future weekly picspams

Oh, and same goes for you, btw. I'm now hooked on the ongoing Saga of Maya, Gilles and The Epic Roger Federer Crush. A tale of hilarity, shirtlessness, racquet smashing, and unrequited love Or is it...?

(I wasn't kidding when I said Roger/Gilles was my new favourite thing, y'know. Those two need to meet, stat. Make it so.)

Originally Posted by Harmless View Post
Eve, can you please post that picspam in the GM Funny Photos thread.
Much like Roger's ass tennis, it must be admired by all.
Oh, that's a lovely suggestion, but...unfortunately I'm very shy. Sorry.

Originally Posted by biological View Post
also I totally agree that you must do picspams often Eve, they are awesome
thank you Sophie I'll keep doing them as long as you keep providing the inspiration


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