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Ignore list recommendations

The Ignore list is a great feature. For those who haven't tried it: it's on User CP, on the list at top right. Posts from ignored posters still appear - but collapsed so you have to click to see them. Spares having your mind involuntarily polluted. You can think of it as a private banning power.

My list? Confidential. No need to wave red flags in front of bulls. My recommendation? If you want a way to read what civil folk have to say without exposure to those who have made a hobby of being rude and obnoxious here, use the list.

Bold utopian suggestion: a "most popular ignorees" list: list of members in order of number of ignore lists they're on. Could be useful feedback; an extension of the arseclown concept. Arseclowns woud then vie to be at the top - but harmlessly, just cavorting in the void with no-one but arseclown connoisseurs watching.

I now throw the floor open to those brave or foolish enough to name names. That should provoke the provocable, and work as a thread-bumping mechanism.
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