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Re: The Chat Thread for Drama Queens

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
In our weddings we are supposed to invite everyone we know on planet earth. We usually end up having 800-1500 guests and you get richer you invite more people. We have to feed everyone and also have you give traditional clothes to all the close relatives who attend the wedding. Close relatives means cousins, second cousins, third cousins etc.
the biggest wedding I ever went to had 500 (I think it was the biggest, I'm not good at guessing these things but this one I know cuz the bride told me) and it was in a freaking airplane hangar, or it felt that way.

edit: I mean the reception was in an airplane hangar, the ceremony was in a church

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
oy betty, your standards are... low

I guess that doesn't say much for me then
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