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Re: If you are a Jo fan, Introduce yourself in here.

Hello, I'm Bashak, 28-year-old turkish woman. I don't remember exactly when I became a Jo fan. It must have been 2-3 years back when I spent a few months in Paris and the only French newspaper I could completely understand was L'équipe. (and 20 minutes, metro...) All the other serious papers were a bit above my level of french. So I would buy the silly sports paper and read the entire thing, look up words and all. That's when I developed a general interest in French players, mainly because I was reading about them.
I don't have a sharp memory so I don't recall what tourney it was the first time I watched him play, he played Richard and lost. I have to admit Jo first caught my attention because of his striking resemblance to Muhammed Ali the boxer. Then I read about Jo's injuries and how he had to have surgery and had to go through extensive rehab. I was pretty moved by the whole ordeal.
I like a lot of players. There aren't any players I dislike. For example, I love Federer but I will cheer for another player I don't particularly love just for the sake of supporting the underdog. I also love Gasquet but, say if he played Santoro, I would probably wish Santoro won etc. It is only not the case when it comes to Jo. I would always support Jo and wish his opponent lost no matter how much sympathy I have for the other guy. So, Jo is my favorite player. He has such good spirit and energy. I love him as if he were my little brother. He has the best smile on the tour. He is genuinely happy about playing tennis. I like his game, sometimes he gets all fired up and I get scared that he might just burst into flames. I wish him the best.
Other players I like include Gonzalez, Nalbandian, Llodra, Monfils, Simon but there are many more.
I hope to go to Roland Garros or Wimbledon next year (I hear it's pretty much sold out this year) If not, I would like to go to a Masters Series event in Europe, Bercy would be great.
Since I discovered livestreams, I try to watch every match of his unless it's at 4 o'clock in the morning. Nice to meet you all!
ps: I also have a tendency to bet all my vcash on Jo and occasionally end up vpennyless.

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