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Re: Having trouble playing against flat hitters!

I love playing flat hitters. Probably because my coach hits very flat, especially on the forehand. I've got used to it.

Well, I'd say AQ summed it pretty well. It's all about footwork and bending the knees a lot. I've got problems with both, but when I'm playing seriously I can improve a lot and see the difference. Having a short swing on the strokes is also helpful. The fact is that flat shots are usually full of pace, so you don't have to generate much pace yourself. All you need is to "deflect", that is, direct the pace coming from your opponent's shot. Use his pace to move him around the court. When it's too much, use the slice to break the rhythm, it will often cause him to overhit, because he'll be used to the pace. Adjust all your strokes to shorter ones. Volleys should be even shorter. Don't even try to slice them, just block all the passing shots.

Also hit the ball as far ahead from you as possible to absorb better the pace.

That's all I can say, I really love playing flat hitters.
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