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Re: The "Go Home, you are so bad, don't talk to me you f*cking idiot" Chat Thread

Originally Posted by cobalt60 View Post
Great thread title
Getta- feel free to take some of our snow. Once again I drove in a storm and I am sick of it. Of course I saw this every year about this time
And have a great time at whatever tennis tournie you are heading to. It is fun to watch in person. And I like watching alone as well It is ok to have someone to pal around with though as long as they are not fangirls Embarassing for this old lady who prefers to watch the match and not the asses or the hair
Hey everyone else
Perhaps it's that I desire vehemently things I lack.

It's a challenger tournament. Good stuff to start with; not that rare to see good matches in lower profile tournaments, not to mention the sometimes disappointing finals in tournaments advertised to be the paragon, prestige, class...

As for the players' asses, stopped to admire them in my early teens. The tight-fitting shorts didn't help, fortunately I was brainwashed by teachers I admired (and my mum, who I didn't admire at that time ) to not always pay attention to one's appearance. Perhaps high quality teaching skills have been applied to a fast-learner... yeah, great thread title.

Originally Posted by Vale View Post
That´s a great decision, Getta! I´ve never been to a live match (except ordinary club events) but they say it´s absolutely different.

Today I watched a historic exho at the BALTC: In aid of an association which helps women suffering from Miastenia Gravis, Navratilova came to Argentina and played with Sabatini, and then they played together against Paola Suarez and Tarabini (Olympic gold medallists).
Heaps of Argentine ex-players turned up and there were a lot of emotional reunions between people who hadn´t seen each other in many years. Over 4000 people, many more than for the last DC tie.
Sabatini looked amazing. She´s 38 but she has a figure like Ana Inanovic!
Glad you enjoyed that exho, Vale.

Gabriela is far more attractive than Ivanovic, that easily said. Not only has she more beautiful face and figure, but also the shine of a well-integrated personality. Though what is most amazing about her is that she offers a helping hand to young aspiring Argentine players.
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