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Re: Gilles Simon's Chat Thread

Many congratulations Raine Hope you get the job you deserve after your hard work

Thanks Les,Eimear,Ellen for the moral support with my football team I have the same views about the way they get paid for non-performances. Thats my rant after every poor performance. I feel as a fan that I should be the one to say 'You're crap,there's the door,get out of this Club and don't come back even to play against this team,sacked on the spot with no payoff.

There is far too much money in football. If they worked for the wages semi-professionals do(in Non League football),there wouldn't be all the sourpusses,giant egos and pathetic attitudes. All they can say is'Football is a business'. 'Yes,but its a sport,where people are tribal in their support. Teams should do all they can to involve their paying customers on and indeed off the pitch. How can fans be involved when the game is in front of them, when the performances are so apathetic?

All players do is turn up for training in Ferraris, as a symbol of their wealth,and because they have more money than they know what to do with,they think that is more important than representing the club they play for in training and on matchday. Money doesn't buy pride,it comes from within. In other words money is more important to them than the reason they get the money.

The great Brian Clough used to put a football down on the dressing room floor and say 'This is what you're chasing' 'Now go out and enjoy yourselves'. He kept things simple. He hated the ball being punted up in the air saying 'If God wanted football played up in the clouds he would have put a pitch up there' All his teams passed the ball to feet, pass and move, pass and move. How I wish these methods were applied today,no complicated team talks, Cloughie barely even gave a team talk,he didn't need to. He signed strikers for a lot of money though because he believed it was the hardest job in the game to score goals(as indeed it is).

Maazou,he's one big loser alright I'm with you Ellen. He won't be missed at Lokeren, you have plenty of players who want to do well and already have done

Hi Maria,Vicky Hope you're both well

Always supporting Ernests Gulbis through good and bad times

Cheering forNole Gilles Tomas Dima Stan Roger Nando GGL Domi Delpo Jerzy Andreas Seppi
Thanks for the memories Juan Carlos!

Anci Petra Maria Sharapova Sabine Thanks for the memories Kim
Norwich City Football Club

2015 Ernests Gulbis (but still with him until he retires from tennis)

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