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Wilson K Blade 98 or Babolat Pure Drive?

Alrighty, so after 5-6 years, I've decided it's time I need a new stick. At the moment I'm kind of choosing out of these two mentioned in the thread title, and they've both been recommended by mates. I've yet to hit with either of them, yet I'll be looking to demo them both soon.

The racquet I've been using is a Dunlop Max Reflex Ti which I have no idea if any of you are familiar with or not, but it's a light frame and doesn't seem to be powerful, definitely more control. Anyway, I'm 19, would like to consider myself to be an all-court player or at least trying to keep going in that direction as I'm an aggressive baseliner when loose and relaxed and a counterpuncher when I'm not feeling comfortable on the court.

My forehand is hit with a fair amount of topspin usually, but I'm trying to hit it a little flatter these days for better approaches and to hit through the court more. I've also got a two-handed backhand. I slice more than occasionally, will try and come in from time to time. I'm a smaller guy, 5'7, don't have the most powerful serve and hmm, not sure what else I could tell you really but yeah, looking for some suggestions/advice as for which racquet to go with out of these two. I know it's speculation until I hit with 'em myself but I wouldn't mind some feedback and comments from any of you who have used either any of these racquets mentioned. Cheers.

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