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Re: Articles, videos, news... about French tennis

Ok, everyone under 18, now cover your eyes because what Richie says in the car after the Gonzo match is teeeeeerribly vulgar

"Il a pas de nana, sinon il serait cocu." roughly translated as "he doesn't have a gf, or else he'd be a cuckold" cuckold in my dictionnary is the word to refer to a man who get cheated on by his gf, please correct me if I'm wrong. In French to be as lucky as a cocu means to have a lot of luck, since we say that when you're unlucky in love, you're lucky everywhere else. So Richie means that if Gonzo had had a gf, he'd be a cocu

And the worse part comes now, as Xavier said in the Gaël thread, "Il a une chatte" is just an atrociously vulgar way to say "he was so damn lucky" (chatte is a very vulgar way to refer to the sex of a woman, I won't dare to speak twice the english translation, I already did once )

Btw I'm in love with the Gaël/Gillou groping/kissing action Leslee
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