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Re: Yves's Match Record 2009: Tips, etc.? Share them!

Originally Posted by Renaud View Post
If you lose against a 48yr old woman, i think you should retire.

Perhaps I should retire then. I lose to 48+ year old women all the time. Of course, I'm 43 myself.

But seriously, I stopped considering the age (and apparent infirmity) of my opponents a long time ago. Never judge a book by its cover, I say. If they're still playing at that age, there's a reason why. Experience, especially at the club, makes up for a lot of stuff.

Yves...I wouldn't so much sweat these early season losses in TB. Some of it is mental conditioning. Just go ask James Blake about playing in a 5th set. I find Super TB especially difficult. It's a long way to "10" it seems.

Hang in there and keep it. BELIEVE you can prevail.

I love my girls.
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