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Re: Federitis Aid Network - a picture is a thousand treatments

Originally Posted by Stupid Dream View Post
- well, as you might know, I'm a bit 'older' than most around here, and having worked in the music business for a long time I've met plenty of 'stars' so I kinda know how to keep standing on my feet by now... but I have to admit, meeting Roger was one of the best experiences I've ever had for this matter.

He's just so... NORMAL.
Just a nice bloke you might meet out there on the streets, I didn't see any 'star behaviour' with him (apart from that bodyguard of course, but that's very normal nowadays - nobody would like to see a repeat of the Seles Drama, now would we? ) - and he shows this 'I'm just a normal guy'-image which made me feel very comfortable with him. I'm pretty sure that if people react 'normal' to the players, you'll get a 'normal' - i.e. friendly - reaction in return.
I witnessed a likewise behaviour by Rafa in Hamburg as well btw. Also a very normal, friendly guy.
how lovely I think it's a real gift to be able to make people feel instantly comfortable around you, and it just shows what a great guy he is I'm so happy that the top two guys are so nice it's really awesome for fans to know that they're not gonna be ignored or insulted or whatever by their idols.

Oh, how great if you'd indeed visit Wimbledon! I would like to myself, but it's so BIG... I have no idea how to get there, it's very expensive I heard, and I must admit that I feel more comfortable at the 'smaller' events (whether it is a tennis tournament or a rock concert).
But who knows what the future might bring...

As for a ground pass giving access to the practice courts - I wish I knew!
From what I've read it's different with the big tournaments than with the mickey mouse-events (where you can actually go where you want to go on your ticket, visit all the courts, etc.)... I'm sure there are people around who know though. Perhaps ask it in GM? (I know... -place).
yeah I would prefer to visit a smaller tournament but with lots of exams this year I don't really have any opportunities most of the ones I could realistically get to are at the worst times, which is really annoying.

hopefully I'll be able to see quite a lot of Wimbly with a ground pass - probably Tipsy because they always put him on the outside courts to meet Rogi on a practice court would be insane though.

Well you know - you suddenly meet him, and you have the opportunity of having a chat, but in reality, all you say are the stereotype 'Good Luck!'-sort of things. It wasn't much more than that... after all, can you imagine a fan asking him "well how did it feel, getting whiped off the court at RG two weeks ago?" in stead?
You just want to keep the conversation as pleasant as possible and not get in 'too deep', just to avoid any discomfort with the guy eh.
ok, just to clarify, does a proposal constitue 'too deep'? because I mean I could leave that bit out but I've got a whole speech planned...

I think 'good luck' is about all I'll manage so I guess I'll be ok I could just listen to that voice all day though, I might end up not letting him get away

You just implanted some kind of image in my brain...
But I'd rather cuddle the REAL Fed as well LOL.
cuddles from the real Fed are the best cuddles ever (I would imagine )!

Originally Posted by infinityfed View Post
Stunning, gorgeous, miraculous.
THE HANDS!!! oh how I love those hands!

by the way...

ROGER & JANKO & LE MAGICIEN & Stan & A-Rod & Novak & Rafa
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