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Re: "The Case of Missing Balls" Chat Thread

Originally Posted by wildegirl05 View Post
constant chattering seriously, these two never shut up. i think they both just keep talking and hope the other person absorbs like 50% of what's said or something

atleast the baby talk ended

Having to put up with the roommate's bf/gf is the worst part of having a roommate.

One of my first year grad school roommates (assigned to me so I didn't even have a choice) got a bf at some point. He used to spend almost every evening in our apartment ; sometimes I would go to the kitchen and see them standing in the middle of the living room hugging each other (and patting each other's back ) for several minutes. The whole thing looked so awkward and ridiculous to me; the first time I saw that I thought something was wrong, like one of them had failed an exam, or someone was sick or had died and they were consoling each other.
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