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Re: Need help picking a new racket since my old one broke

the kblade has nice control as does the radical. the latest incarceration of the radical is the microgel radical, which has the same specs as the liquidmetal version and plays very similar. 11oz is a good weight, if you start to go above that you have to do more and the racket does less for you. any racket that has tour in its name is generally a heavier version of the standard racket.

if you want to save a little money, then the liquidmetal racket is a good option. theres absolutely nothing wrong with it, its just an older model and there isnt a great deal of difference between it and the latest version. i personally prefer radicals to the blade, as they are more flexible (more flex = more control, comfort and feel), but the blade is still a great racket and very popular too
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