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Re: Need help picking a new racket since my old one broke

rackets like the head liquidmetal radical and instinct are light players rackets; they suit people with relatively long swings and provide a nice balance between power and control. for a single handed backhand, i personally find the radical better. newer versions of those rackets will have the same specs and playability, just slightly newer technology and paint jobs. if you want more control then the radical is a better option, if you want more power then the intinct is better.

other brands are going to make equivalent rackets. wilson's equivalent to the radical is the kblade, which is just a little heavier and their equivalent to the instinct is the kpro open. you mentioned the kblade tour; that really is an advanced players racket and is rather difficult to use, so i wouldnt recommend it as much as rackets like the radical.

other similar rackets are babolat pure storm, babolat pure drive (theres a new one coming soon, so the current one will get reduced), prince 03 speedport black, prince rebel team, yonex rds 003 and 002 (again, new ones coming so soon to be reduced).
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