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8370, will it ever be surpassed?

Roger Federer holds a record for most ATP points, 8.370 at the end of 2006 by the old system, which would be 16.720 of the new points. Do you think we will see ever someone achieving as many points?

Nadal currently has 14.510, even if he won the USO and Rome and held all his points from the other events (except olympics, which he could replace with a win on a 500 event), he would have 16.300, so he would probably need to reach the semis of the Masters Cup as well!!!

Also, the system now gives less points than it did for any result worse than W, so the record could be unattainable.

What do you think, will we ever see this record broken? by Rafa? IMHO, it is impossible, specially with the new system.

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