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Re: Locked Hahaha threads.

Originally Posted by habibko View Post
I agree with you and deboogle on about everything you have discussed here so far, I have been a mod in non-English (Arabic) forums for a long time and I know how hard it is to please everybody and to balance things out for the community and how hard it is for the forum to go the way you want it as a mod personally let alone for the forums to go the way every single poster wants.

however I want to discuss the part I quoted here, I know about this rule but I believe it should be revised, this is a rule solely based on the mod's perception and anticipation of the flow of discussion which could change anytime or a new poster could come with new points to discuss in any instant. I believe the ultimate job of the mods is to keep the forum a civil and fun place, what some mods perceive as "redundancy" and "not generating useful discussion" is highly subjective when in fact many (if not all) posters who are participating are having fun, which is one of the purposes of forums.

all I'm asking for here is to revise this rule if possible or apply more leniency toward such threads, I remember most of Clay Death's threads were locked because of such enforcements which was a shame IMO given how much fun they were plus there were points and useful posts going on from many posters' point of view.

btw I enjoyed the GOAT cheese/roasting/haha threads very much, I even posted many pix in the GOAT cheese one, which is supposed to be bashing my favorite player, so I feel sad they were closed, but if someone was getting personally offended then I'm sure the mods had a good reason to close them.
Have you considered that there were complains about those threads, i.e. there were posters who were not having fun and reported those threads? And the mods came in and made a decision?

Also have you read the thread that was referred by scoobs there? Do you really believe there would be something new to discuss about Fed crying in AO ceremony? Also, if there are new points really worth discussing, a poster can always start a new thread about them.
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