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Re: The Official Fed Fangirl Thread (appreciative boys welcome)

Okay, one last batch of fangirly quoting and I am off, I swear!

Originally Posted by biological
Is it strange that that photo makes me want to say Meow?
That is LovelyFed at his finest.
(the lips, oh lord...)

Originally Posted by infinityfed


I've noticed that last one too, very happy you found the bigger version.
(do you know when that was taken?)

Originally Posted by infinityfed
And this is my final QFS for the day.

Well, this has been a very good session, much was found to drool over, squeel over, swoon over and increase the blood pressure.
Overall, much fangirly chaos was made and I am very, very happy.

See you all tomorrow, even happier! Sleep well!
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