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Re: Tempting Tuesday

Originally Posted by nastoff View Post
Hangover after the AO? Lets see how my first venture goes ( a little different than danielj's )

Troicki did not look 100% in the AO and I think he's going through a bad spell. Bolelli has more quality.
2 risky ones ( hence smaller stakes ): KOROLEV tb MELZER @ 2.70
As unpredictable as Korolev is, I never trust Melzer to do the job against such opponents at such odds.
TURSUNOV tb GULBIS @ 2.34 This is even riskier but Tursunov had enough matches in the qualifying to say with confidence he's had the match practice he was looking for, so a Russian at 2.34 is fine to me ( as long as it's not somebody like Andreev @ 1.12 )
I also think that Sela can do something against Ferru ( not that iron anymore ). He did showcase it in Beijing where an off-form Ferrer lost comfortably to him in one of the biggest shockers of the tournaments but it won't be much of a shocker if it happens again. However I'm not sure what kind of Ferrer will step onto the court so I'm opting for a normal lay of the 1.54 to trade at the exchange rather than an outright win for Sela.

Good luck to myself, need to recover my morale after the debacle of the Fedmug, and these risky matches may be what the doc ordered
adding Anderson tb Minar @ 1.70 ( hope I won't regret it )

Loss Bolelli, didn't take Stakhovsky that I wanted, win Ciundinelli, win Korolev, flukey win in play with Sela, loss with Tursunov - don't think I'll bother with this airhead ever again - and a much regretted loss with Anderson. So 2 and a bit wins vs 3 losses with the treble pending on Granollers to break even more or less - which I'm not going to follow cause my bed is calling me.

It was a strange day that reminded me how difficult and stressful tennis betting can be. Let us all hope for better tomorrow.
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