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Re: Locked Hahaha threads.

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
You're incorrect here. The problem is not about people tolerating criticism of their PLAYER. the problem is people being criticized PERSONALLY because they support the player.

I cannot speak for the rest of the mods, but this is a private message board. We are not trying to fix people as a whole. Our job is to make sure MTF runs smoothly and that it is an enjoyable place. It is not our problem if people are too immature to be respectful to other people. No one's requiring that people must be nice and fuzzy and warm all the time, but a mere modicum of respect is not that hard, and you are forgetting that the loudest and most problematic people here are people who are doing this on purpose to get a rise out of people. The fact that any small amount of moderation makes them want to just rebel more reflects upon them, not the moderators.

And if you think any of the mods actually enjoy spending wasting our time dealing with this crap, you really are mistaken. I would bet my life that all of the mods would like nothing more than for people to just act politely to other people so that we never had to do anything. That'd get rid of 99% of the issues on this board, but they are unwilling to do so, they insist upon acting like children, so the decision has been made that the mods will try to step in. Again, there are no rights to free speech here, it is a privately-owned board. If you don't like the decisions that have been made, that is of course your right, but although the rules may have gotten stricter in the past couple years and we may have more mods now, but MTF has never been a free-for-all. And I think the mods simply giving in to a few loudmouths who cause trouble then whine like 5 year olds whose mom took their lollipop would set a very bad precedent and make any moderating at all here nearly impossible. We can't possibly just cave to anyone who complains.

And again, you can feel free to disagree, but the fact remains that these threads were left open - in some cases - for years, without really much incident at all. They weren't closed because the rules changed, they were closed because a few people were incapable of abiding by them. Putting all the blame on oversensitive mods or stricter rules is, IMO, unfair and one-sided. We don't close threads just b/c we don't like them. I've left a few threads open in the Andy forum that I absolutely despise, because it's not about me personally, it's about the forum, and if the threads don't break the rules then I can't and don't close them. The same goes for GM, I am sure of that, that's why the threads were left open for so long until circumstances became such that people were merely posting to disrupt the forum (Which has always been against MTF's rules). To completely ignore the fact that some people go too far and that a few bad apples spoiled it for the rest of us is really unfair to the mods - nothing is ever a one-way street. We really want this place to be enjoyable for all, we don't get paid, we get nothing at all in return actually, the only reason why we bother is because we love tennis and we love MTF and the people we've been lucky enough to meet here and we want everyone to enjoy it. And I find it ironic (not talking to you tennizen) that the loudest complainers here are often the most problematic posters in GM. If they spent even 10% of the time they spend whining just simply ignoring players/results they don't like or putting other posters on their ignore list, there would be significantly less moderation and there would be nothing for them to even complain about. What a shocking concept.
Amen. I would also add that leaving GM alone apart from moderating gross violations would just turn the place right over to the flamebaiters, the trolls, the incessant whiners, the posters who just love to cause trouble and find a tennis site a convenient forum in which to do so. What tennis discussion that does happen in GM, and it's still less than I'd like on a personal level, would completely evaporate, the posters that make this site worth coming back to, and there are some, would vanish, and GM would just become utterly vile. For me, this is a tennis forum - I don't see why mindless aggro between rival fangroups has to be accepted - no they wouldn't agree on much but that doesn't mean GM should become an online Thunderdome. I've been on forums like that in the past and it's deeply unpleasant if you actually want to discuss the subject the forum is about and not just spend your time abusing other people.

I don't know what else to say - I think on the whole the mods and admins that cover GM are roughly in agreement that more clearly defining the forum rules and enforcing them more rigourously has been a good thing for GM. Certainly for me I think there's been less mindless flamebaiting and I can see some posters clearly thinking a bit more carefully about what and how they post now they've seen some people have been thrown off the site temporarily and permanently for disregarding the rules. For me this is a good thing. Is GM now perfect? Very far from it. Will it ever be? No. But for me that's no reason not to try to enforce a minimum standard of decency and respect in there.

Originally Posted by TMJordan View Post
I blame Scoobs.
I don't know if you are joking, or genuinely have some problem with me. I don't much care either way but it would be good to know.
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