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Re: Locked Hahaha threads.

The problem is that all of these things devolve into personal insults. I don't personally agree with every single rule but I do whole-heartedly agree with clamping down on people who have so much hatred for a particular player or his fanbase that they need to insult people or groups of people for it - it blatantly makes GM a really unhappy place to be and I don't really think the vast majority of us want that. I don't like Roger, Rafa, OR Novak, but I'd never go into a thread and insult any of their fans. Some people can't seem to just live and let live, and instead of blaming the mods for ruining your fun, why not blame the few people who drove us to certain decisions?

It's not as if they were taken lightly and it's not as if it was just a couple people who made the decisions. If you haven't realized, the mods ourselves are a very diverse group who support many different players and dislike many other players. We try our hardest to be objective and try to make MTF enjoyable for EVERYONE and in my opinion it's simply unacceptable if a group of fans feel they have to stay out of GM because they personally get attacked for supporting a particular player. You are free to disagree of course, but the decision has been made, so it would be nice instead of just spewing sarcasm, if you guys could instead accept the decision and offer us ways to moderate less but still make the place enjoyable for all. You can't deny that match result threads involving certain players were nearly intolerable before these threads were shut down, and now they are still nearly intolerable. Granted I don't read every thread on GM every day, but I haven't noticed much of a difference in GM since those threads were shit - it was a pretty nasty place before and it's still a pretty nasty place. And the mods have nothing to do with the nastiness, you have to blame some of your fellow posters for that. But just saying you think GM is fine the way it is doesn't help us at all - it's already been determined that it's NOT fine, so why not try to help instead?

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