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Re: Locked Hahaha threads.

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
And do you think sarcastic comments like this really help? If you have a suggestion of how GM can be improved that you think is so much superior to what has been tried, why don't you make the suggestion instead of just adding to the cattiness?
I don't think GM needs to be improved in any way. It was fine the way it was before this new set of GM rules came about and mods started feeling the need to clamp down on things. It's a sports related website and people belonging to different fanbases are bound to clash and that's how it should be. The only reason mods are required is to police personal insults or racist remarks or things of that nature. Any moderating beyond that is absolutely unnecessary. The locking down of the haha threads is one of the stupidest decisions ever taken by MTF mods.

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