Tennis Tipping #6b ~ Wroclaw -> Congrats Zirconek and ridert/wolves68! :worship: -
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Tennis Tipping #6b ~ Wroclaw -> Congrats Zirconek and ridert/wolves68! :worship:

Tennis Tipping – Wroclaw

Polish Challenger tournament for those not playing in Davis Cup

What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.


- In case of a tie, a tie-breaker will decide who moves on to the next round.
New tie-break method: 2007 TT TB Method

- In case a player (i.e. the actual ATP Player) retires in a match, this match will be counted as long as one point has been played. If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will be cancelled.

How to Sign-Up:

Just post here that you would like to play. You can only play one tournament per week. Entries will be based on ranking. Everyone can commit.

Please read this post for more information
Tennis Tipping 2009 Rules Thread (out of date - use 2013 Rules)

How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as the draws are ready. Remember, you pick a winner in every match! Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. Picks should be titled: [TT: Wroclaw, day #]. Picks can be sent in anytime until the beginning of play each day. If you're still in both singles & doubles, you use the same tips for both. For doubles, you still tip the ATP singles matches, not the doubles! No changes can be made after the play has started.


If the board goes down as has happened before, send your picks to

Good luck

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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

Fact Sheet

1st Singles Entry Deadline: Sunday, 28th January 6:00 pm CET
Period for changes and doubles commitments: Monday, 29th January 00:00 – Friday 2nd February 6:00 pm CET
Draw size for singles: 32 (28 direct entries, 4 qualy spots, 16 player qualy draw)
Draw size for doubles: 16 (14 direct entries, 2 qualy spots, 8 team qualy draw)
Time of the draw: QD Friday 7 pm CET, MDS Saturday 6 pm CET, MDD Saturday 6.30 pm CET
Assistant manager: Not needed



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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

Entry Lists


1.  scarecrows (ALB) 46
2.  rob88hock (GBR) 48
3.  LK_22 (GBR) 52
4.  KalleOnAir (GER) 72
5.  marcelwks (POL) 78
6.  ridert (FRA) 101
7.  CooCooCachoo (NED) 113
8.  Nathaliia (POL) 124
9.  Deathless Mortal (CRO) 128
10. Nadie (RUS) 132
11. Hotzenplotz (GER) 141
12. nando_lasheras (BRA) 150
13. Fergie (CHI) 154
14. ufokart (RUS) 155
15. Superior1 (CRO) 160
16. Denaon (ARG) 189
17. FelipeMB (BRA) 196
18. wolves68 (FRA) 207
19. Bloodletting (CHI) 211
20. JeffCandoi (BRA) 214
21. Delgado_Fan (PAR) 221
22. Alonsofz (CHI) 244
23. Theduckswillrise (USA) 244
24. half-a-cat (POL) 65 - Late Entry
25. Tytta (BRA) 186 - Late Entry
26. SarettaFan (BRA) 191 - Late Entry
27. Breakaway (USA) 199 - Late Entry
28. StatBoy3 (USA) NR
29. Zirconek (BRA) NR
30. VaiBrasil (BRA) NR
31. auspopopen (CHI) NR
32. Jimnik (GBR) NR - Late Entry
33. PennyThePenguin (ANT) NR - Late Entry
34. Gonzalo82 (ARG) NR - Late Entry
34. sharas36 (ISR) NR - Late Entry
35. Chris 84 (SCO) NR - Late Entry

1.  LK_22 (GBR) 37
2.  scarecrows (ALB) 45
3.  rob88hock (GBR) 51
4.  half-a-cat (POL) 68 
5.  KalleOnAir (GER) 72
6.  marcelwks (POL) 76
7.  ridert (FRA) 104
8.  Deathless Mortal (CRO) 121

1.  marcelwks (POL)/half-a-cat (POL) 78 + 70 = 148
2.  scarecrows (ALB)/Nathaliia (POL) 30 + 133 = 163
3.  Nadie (RUS)/nando_lasheras (BRA) 27 + 178 = 205
4.  LK_22 (GBR)/ufokart (RUS) 53 + 154 = 207 (54 + 131 = 185)
5.  Superior1 (CRO)/Deathless Mortal (CRO) 91 + 168 = 259
6.  Delgado_Fan (PAR)/KalleOnAir (GER) 227 + 51 = 278
7.  rob88hock (GBR)/Theduckswillrise (USA) 108 + 202 = 310
8.  Alonsofz (CHI)/JeffCandoi (BRA) 227 + 227 = 454
9.  wolves68 (FRA)/ridert (FRA) NR + 90 = NR
10. PennyThePenguin (ANT)/Tytta (BRA) NR + 188 = NR
11. VaiBrasil (BRA)/FelipeMB (BRA) NR + 227 = NR
12. Zirconek (BRA)/StatBoy3 (USA) NR + NR = NR
13. sharas36 (ISR)/Chris 84 (SCO) NR + NR = NR

1.  Nadie (RUS)/nando_lasheras (BRA) 22 + 105 = 127
2.  marcelwks (POL)/half-a-cat (POL) 67 + 77 = 144
3.  scarecrows (ALB)/Nathaliia (POL) 33 + 146 = 179
4.  LK_22 (GBR)/ufokart (RUS) 54 + 131 = 185

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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

TT Singles Draw


Blue = winner
TB = Tie breaker
SR = set ratio
PTS = predict the score
CB = Countback


Matches Counted: 3
Matches Remaining: 0

01:01 | Zirconek (BRA) SR2 v (5) KalleOnAir (GER)

Semi Finals

Matches Counted: 4
Matches Remaining: 0

01:03 | (6) marcelwks (POL) v Zirconek (BRA)
03:03 | (7) ridert (FRA) v (5) KalleOnAir (GER) SR2

Quarter Finals

Matches Counted: 9
Matches Remaining: 0

02:04 | (1) LK_22 (GBR) v (6) marcelwks (POL)
03:03 | Zirconek (BRA) SR3 v Tytta (BRA)
05:05 | (7) ridert (FRA) SR1 v CooCooCachoo (NED)
05:04 | (5) KalleOnAir (GER) v (2) scarecrows (ALB)

Second Round

Matches Counted: 10
Matches Remaining: 0

07:06 | (1) LK_22 (GBR) v VaiBrasil (BRA)
06:07 | Breakaway (USA) v (6) marcelwks (POL)
07:07 | nando_lasheras (BRA) v Zirconek (BRA) SR5
07:06 | Tytta (BRA) v StatBoy3 (USA)

07:07 | (7) ridert (FRA) SR2 v ufokart (RUS)
07:07 | CooCooCachoo (NED) SR2 v (4) half-a-cat (POL)
08:06 | (5) KalleOnAir (GER) v sharas36 (ISR)
06:08 | Nadie (RUS) v (2) scarecrows (ALB)

First Round

Matches Counted: 9
Matches Remaining: 0

06:05 | (1) LK_22 (GBR) v Fergie (CHI)
07:06 | VaiBrasil (BRA) v Superior1 (CRO)
06:05 | Breakaway (USA) v (LL) Jimnik (GBR)
05:06 | wolves68 (FRA) v (6) marcelwks (POL)

05:07 | (3) rob88hock (GBR) v nando_lasheras (BRA)
06:04 | Zirconek (BRA) v PennyThePenguin (ANT)
05:05 | Theduckswillrise (USA) v Tytta (BRA) SR1-5 all =, TB 0-4
06:05 | StatBoy3 (USA) v (8) Deathless Mortal (CRO)

07:06 | (7) ridert (FRA) v Nathaliia (POL)
00:07 | FelipeMB (BRA) v ufokart (RUS)
05:05 | Bloodletting (CHI) v CooCooCachoo (NED) SR1
05:07 | Hotzenplotz (GER) v (4) half-a-cat (POL)

07:05 | (5) KalleOnAir (GER) v SarettaFan (BRA)
05:00 | sharas36 (ISR) v Delgado_Fan (PAR)
06:04 | Nadie (RUS) v JeffCandoi (BRA)
00:06 | Denaon (ARG) v (2) scarecrows (ALB)

Qualifying - Final Round

Matches Counted: 22
Matches Remaining: 0

16:17 | Jimnik (GBR) v VaiBrasil (BRA)
10:00 | PennyThePenguin (ANT) v auspopopen (CHI)
17:16 | sharas36 (ISR) v Chris 84 (SCO)

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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

TT Doubles Draw


Blue = winner
TB = Tie breaker
SR = set ratio
PTS = predict the score
CB = Countback

Doubles Final

Matches Counted: 3
Matches Remaining: 0

05:04 | wolves68 (FRA)/ridert (FRA) v Superior1 (CRO)/Deathless Mortal (CRO)

Semi Finals

Matches Counted: 4
Matches Remaining: 0

02:05 | rob88hock (GBR)/Theduckswillrise (USA) v wolves68 (FRA)/ridert (FRA)
03:03 | (3) scarecrows (ALB)/Nathaliia (POL) v Superior1 (CRO)/Deathless Mortal (CRO) SR1

Quarter Finals

Matches Counted: 9
Matches Remaining: 0

07:08 | (1) Nadie (RUS)/nando_lasheras (BRA) v rob88hock (GBR)/Theduckswillrise (USA)
07:10 | (4) LK_22 (GBR)/ufokart (RUS) v wolves68 (FRA)/ridert (FRA)
06:09 | PennyThePenguin (ANT)/Tytta (BRA) v (3) scarecrows (ALB)/Nathaliia (POL)
09:08 | Superior1 (CRO)/Deathless Mortal (CRO) v (2) marcelwks (POL)/half-a-cat (POL)

First Round

Matches Counted: 15
Matches Remaining: 0

21:00 | (1) Nadie (RUS)/nando_lasheras (BRA) v bye
18:13 | rob88hock (GBR)/Theduckswillrise (USA) v Delgado_Fan (PAR)/KalleOnAir (GER)
20:18 | (4) LK_22 (GBR)/ufokart (RUS) v Alonsofz (CHI)/JeffCandoi (BRA) - 2 late picks from Alonsofz
18:21 | sharas36 (ISR)/Chris 84 (SCO) v wolves68 (FRA)/ridert (FRA)

10:18 | VaiBrasil (BRA)/FelipeMB (BRA) v PennyThePenguin (ANT)/Tytta (BRA)
00:22 | bye v (3) scarecrows (ALB)/Nathaliia (POL)
22:20 | Superior1 (CRO)/Deathless Mortal (CRO) v Zirconek (BRA)/StatBoy3 (USA)
00:22 | bye v (2) marcelwks (POL)/half-a-cat (POL)

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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

Schedule of Play



Saturday ~ TT Q1 & (Q2)
Sunday ~ TT Qualy Final Round
Monday ~ TT R32
Tuesday ~ TT R16
Wednesday & Thursday ~ TT QF
Friday ~ TT SF
Saturday & Sunday ~ TT Final


Saturday ~ TT Q1 & (Q2)
Sunday ~ TT Qualy Final Round
Monday & Tuesday ~ TT R16
Wednesday & Thursday ~ TT QF
Friday ~ TT SF
Saturday & Sunday ~ TT Final

Werner Eschauer vs. Tomas Zib SR1 PTS


Jan Mertl vs. Werner Eschauer SR3
Konstantinos Economidis vs. Tomas Zib SR2


Roko Karanusic vs. Werner Eschauer SR4
Sergei Bubka vs. Jan Mertl SR2
Konstantinos Economidis vs. Bohdan Ulihrach SR3
Tomas Zib vs. Alex Bogdanovic SR1 PTS

I want more pictures, comments, smilies and videos


Dacian Craciun vs. Konstantinos Economidis SR3
Mischa Zverev vs. Bohdan Ulihrach SR2
Nicolas Mahut vs. Roko Karanusic SR4
Michal Przysiezny vs. Werner Eschauer SR1 PTS

You know what to do by now....I want more comments and smilies with the PM's Let's have yellow today to match my little bananaman


Michal Mertinak vs. Sergei Bubka
Tomas Zib vs. Daniel Koellerer
Jiri Vanek vs. Jan Mertl
Werner Eschauer vs. Lukasz Kubot
Ivo Klec vs. Alex Bogdanovic

Only 5 matches tomorrow You only need to predict the winners, singles and doubles QF will be Wednesday and Thursday, so SR and PTS will come on Thursday. How about pink for today?


Nicolas Mahut vs. Tomas Cakl
Mischa Zverev vs. Lukas Lacko SR5
Sergei Bubka vs. Rik De Voest SR3
Marcin Gawron vs. Konstantinos Economidis
Roko Karanusic vs. Denis Gremelmayr SR1 PTS
Dacian Craciun vs. Andis Juska
Jiri Vanek vs. Michal Walkow
Adrian Ungar vs. Daniel Koellerer
Bohdan Ulihrach vs. Richard Bloomfield SR4
Jean-Claude Scherrer vs. Michal Przysiezny SR2

Matches in red, predict a winner and a set ratio (e.g. 2-0 or 2-1). For Karanusic vs. Gremelmayr, predict an exact score (e.g. 6-3 6-4). The matches in black you only need to predict a winner.....lime green went down well yesterday, how about orange for today


Jan Masik vs. Jean-Claude Scherrer
Andis Juska vs. Ladislav Chramosta
Sergei Bubka Jr. vs. Nenad Zimonjic
Jan Vacek vs. Bohdan Ulihrach
Stephane Robert vs. Ivo Klec SR3 PTS
Michal Mertinak vs. Lamine Ouahab SR5 PTS
Robin Vik vs. Tomas Zib SR2 PTS
Pawel Syrewicz vs. Jan Mertl SR4 PTS
Alex Bogdanovic vs. Rainer Schuettler SR1 PTS

The top 4 matches will count only for singles, not for doubles. Matches in red, please predict an exact score (e.g. 6-3 6-4). Matches with nothing after it, you only need to predit the winner. Good luck all!

Qualy Sunday

Andis Juska vs. Tomislav Peric SR3 PTS

Blazej Koniusz vs. Ladislav Chramosta SR5 PTS
Jan Vacek vs. Dawid Olejniczak
Ilia Kushev vs. Bohdan Ulihrach
Lukas Rosol vs. Jean-Claude Scherrer SR2 PTS
Adrian Cruciat vs. Jan Masik
Pavol Cervenak vs. Sergei Bubka Jr. SR1 PTS
Nenad Zimonjic vs. Marek Semjan SR4 PTS

Matches where it says SR? PTS (matches in red), please send an exact score (e.g. 6-3 6-4). Matches with nothing after it - only predict the winners).

Qualy Saturday

Michal Przysiezny vs. Andis Juska
Tomislav Peric vs. Mateusz Kowalczyk
Blazej Koniusz vs. Frank Moser
Ladislav Chramosta vs. Kamil Capkovic
Jan Vacek vs. Denis Matsukevitch
Igor Zelenay vs. Dawid Olejniczak
Mateusz Szmigiel vs. Ilia Kushev
Robert Godlewski vs. Bohdan Ulihrach
Lukas Rosol vs. Ladislav Svarc
David Novak vs. Jean-Claude Scherrer
Adrian Cruciat vs. Marcin Chlebowski
Jan Masik vs. Dominik Meffert
Pavol Cervenak vs. Ivaylo Traykov
Marek Prokrywka vs. Sergei Bubka Jr.
Nenad Zimonjic vs. Maciej Behnke
Marek Semjan vs. Phillip King

PM your picks to adee-gee. You only need to predict the winner of the match, nothing else. Good luck.


Match with nothing after it's name - Just pick the winner
Match with SR after it's name - Pick the winner and the sets (Ex: Arthurs 2-1)
Match with PTS after it's name - Pick the whole score (Ex: Arthurs 6:7 7:6 6:1)

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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

Day 7 Round-Up

Zirconek has claimed the Wroclaw title, defeating KalleOnAir in a tight final to win his first ever TT title. Love him or hate him, the young Brasilian has had quite an impact on the tournament, and will be one to look out for in the future. For KalleOnAir, it was another disappointing end to an otherwise impressive tournament, and his record in finals is starting to look like Malisse's. After having the advantage overnight, Zirconek came out today looking a little tight, as the experienced KalleOnAir took control. Kalle On Air was a few games from winning the match at one stage, but Zirconek was inspired by the large number of Czech supporters and he pulled through.

In the doubles final, French duo ridert/wolves68 came back from the dead to defeat Croatia's Deathless Mortal/Superior1. Sadly, the match was overshadowed by controversy as at one point a Croatian "fan" named RaVeR ran onto the court and told the Croat pairing they were losers and they should retire. Clearly rattled, the Croatian duo fell apart, and handed victory to their French opponents.

Thank you all for an excellent week, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Photos from the final

Zirconek celebrates his victory

RaVeR continues his protests after the match

French fans celebrate their duo winning the title


Day 6 Round-Up (Sorry not my best, I've had a horrible day and struggled for inspiration).

Disappointment for fans in Wroclaw, as weather once more played havoc with the matches, causing both the singles and the doubles final to be delayed until Sunday.

Despite his antics from yesterday, Zirconek seemed to have won over the crowd with his charms, as he received a better than expected reception, though he was also helped by the large number of Czechs whom had flocked in to see the match. Zirconek remains something of an unknown to most of his fellow players, and KalleOnAir, the favourite going into the match seemed to struggle in the short period of time play was possible, and Zirconek has the slight edge going into tomorrow.

Croatian duo Deathless Mortal/Superior1 have the advantage going into tomorrow, holding a lead against ridert/wolves 68. After Ancic/Ljubicic had let down their country once more, the lesser known Croats picked up spirits back home by getting to the verge of their first TT title. The French duo looked a little fatigued, they came out to play after watching the 17 hour Davis Cup doubles match involving France today, and never really got going.

After that, rain began and no more play was possible. However, fans were lifted by Polish Genci coming out to entertain them, as he sang 'Beat It' while his wife Nathaliia spanked his bottom with a whip.


Day 5 Round-Up

Hopes of a Polish winner in Wroclaw were extinguished today, as marcelwks flopped out of the singles and Nathaliia/scarecrows were edged out of doubles.

marcelwks seemed fired up early on, perhaps angered by the lecture Zirconek had given a couple of nights previously on the decline of Polish tennis, and got off to a good start. However, as the possibility of reaching his hometown final got closer, marcelwks seemed to fade, and produced what can only be described as a horrible choke. Zirconek, the less experienced of the two thrived in the tough atmosphere, and despite cheering from the crowd when he double faulted, kept his nerve to reach his first ever TT final in only his 2nd (I think) event, celebrating by putting his finger to his mouth in a gesture at the crowd, as fans howled with disapproval. Zirconek's lecture tonight is thought to be on 'how to win fans over'.

In the final, he'll face German KalleOnAir who came through a high quality battle with France's ridert. KalleOnAir has been the form player in this tournament, and fully deserves to reach the final after a string of impressive performances. Kalle is believed to be motivated by the fact he has backed himself to win the tournament at the bookies, and it is believed he will collect more in gambling winnings than he would in prize money should he win the tournament. He'll certainly have the support of the fans in the final after the actions of Zirconek today.

scarecrows/Nathaliia waved goodbye to the competition, losing to Croatian duo Deathless Mortal/superior1. Despite the rumours scarecrows had been offering bribes to the Croats to throw the match, it looked more like Nathaliia had accepted a bribe as she put in a shoddy display. The truth is that the paparazzi caught her at the players party last night, looking extremely intoxicated with alcohol, and the hangover most probably affected her ability to see the ball. The Croatian duo said they were thrilled with reaching the final, and dedicated the victory to their fans back home in Croatia, who have been starved of success and constantly let down by the crapness of Ljubicic and Ancic.

ridert didn't have much time to dwell on his singles defeat, and managed to put behind the disappointment of the loss behind him, as he teamed up with wolves68 to reach the doubles final, cruising past rob88hock/Theduckswillrise. It was a disappointing loss for the Brits, especially Rob whose birthday was ruined by the defeat. When asked whether he was upset by the loss, Rob said "who cares about a mickey mouse event like this. I have my TT newcomer of the year award".


Day 4 Round-Up

Delight on the streets of Wroclaw, as home favourite marcelwks clinched a superb victory over top seed LK_22 to reach the Semi Final. LK_22 got off to an extremely sloppy start, handing the opening few games to his opponent and never fully recovered, as the local boy eased through. When asked afterwards about his slow start, LK_22 said he was still drooling from the cheerleaders that had performed before the match. marcelwks dedicated his victory to his mother, who celebrated her birthday today in a speech which brought the audience close to tears.

Delight turned to despair as Polish Genci was knocked out the tournament, losing to Germany's KalleOnAir. When asked afterwards whether having his wife Nathaliia with him to keep him company at night had affected his ability to perform, Polish Genci answered honestly, saying he'd had very little sleep the night before. The admission is thought to have upset many gamblers who had backed him to win.

Unseeded Brasilian Zirconek continued his impressive TT debut with a narrow victory over compatriot Tytta. The young Brasilian is winning over fans with his charisma, and the multi-talented star is even educating many of the other competitors with his late night lectures. Zirconek, we salute you. Frenchman ridert defeated CooCooCachoo, but not until a bit of confusion. It appears that the Dutchman has got himself into a bit of a pickle and thinks he won, when he was clearly told by the umpire that it was GSM ridert. This commentator suggests buying the lad a hearing aid and some glasses for his birthday.

The seeds continued to tumble in the doubles, as scarecrows/Nathaliia are now the only seeds left in the doubles. They completed their simple victory over PennyThePenguin/Tytta, who paid the price for their negative tactics when play resumed. Top seeds Nadie/nando_lasheras were dumped out of the tournament by rob88hock/Theduckswillrise. The British pairing, being compared by many to the McEnroe/Fleming combination clearly have a point to prove to the fans who booed them off after their first round match. Number 2 seeds half-a-cat/marcelwks bowed out, much to the disgust of the Polish fans as they blew a break in the final set to crash out to Croatian duo Deathless Mortal/Superior1. They now meet Polish Genci and Polish Beauty for a spot in the final, though rumours are circulating that Polish Genci has been offering bribes for them to throw the match. The last pairing to reach the Semi Final are Frenchies ridert/wolves68, who produced a marvellous performance to thrash 4th seeds LK_22/ufokart.


Day 3 Round-Up

A disappointing day for fans in Wroclaw as torrential rain forced all the Quarter Final matches to be postponed until Thursday, with very little play possible. Most of the matches are still in their early stages and look too hard to call who looks likely to win, although CooCooCachoo has an early break of serve against ridert. The overcast, windy conditions led to most matches being of poor quality, although KalleOnAir vs. scarecrows looks like the match most fans will flock to tomorrow, as both players flew out the blocks and produced a cracking few games before the covers were placed on the court, much to the disgust of the audience. Fans outside of Wroclaw were also fuming as the Tennis Tipping live scoreboard was down for much of the day.

In doubles, Nathaliia and scarecrows took advantage of some early nerves in front of the rowdy crowd shown by PennyThePenguin and Tytta, racing to a 3-0 lead. Although the chica’s settled down before the rain began, it looks like they have a mountain to climb against the formidable Polish Genci and Polish Beauty. In other matches, the #2 seeds half-a-cat/marcelwks hold a slender lead over Croatian pairing Superior1/Deathless Mortal, and #4 seeds ufokart/LK_22 have the slight edge in their clash. The remaining match is locked on serve.


Day 2 Round-Up

A day for favourite backers in Wroclaw, as all the seeds bar one progressed into the Quarter Final. The only real shock was unranked CooCooCachoo taking out the 4th seeded Pole half-a-cat. The young Dutchman clearly has a point to prove, after being labelled a smelly animal by a fellow player, and continued his good form with a high quality victory to upset the home fans.

Home hopes now lie with marcelwks, who edged past Breakaway to seal a spot in the Semi Final. Helped by some vociferous support, a late surge saw the Pole through. Although marcelwks is the last legitimate Pole in the singles draw, Poland are beginning to claim scarecrows as one of their own after his marriage to Nathaliia, and 'Polish Genci' seems to be Poland's answer to 'Aussie Kim'. Polish Genci risked the wrath of the tournament organiser by taking out his darling Nadie.

In other news, Zirconek and Tytta will meet in the Quarter Final, ensuring we will have a Brazilian in the Semi Final. Both came through tight battles, and are looking for their first ever Tennis Tipping title. 5th seed KalleOnAir produced the performance of the day, destroying sharas36. 7th seed ridert squeezed past ufokart, who claimed he tanked as he wanted to concentrate on doubles. A fine may be on its way to the in-form Russian.


Day 1 Round-Up

A hugely entertaining opening day in Wroclaw, as number 3 seed rob88hock crashed out the tournament in the opening round. The self-proclaimed '2006 newcomer of the year' had been in good form leading up to the event, winning in Zagreb but was distracted by several fans heckling him from the stands and was easily beaten by nando_lasheras. Tytta made it a terrible day for the hock family by defeating Rob's brother, Theduckswillrise in an epic match, winning in a final set tie break.

Male tennis fans were disappointed as Polish beauty Nathaliia was ousted in the first round by number 7 seed ridert. Nathaliia claimed afterwards she had been distracted by the vast numbers of camera clicks going off at her match. Fans can still witness her in action in doubles alongside her husband scarecrows, who also progressed into the 2nd round of singles with a double bagel victory over Argentinian Denaon.

The story of the round involved Dutchman CooCooCachoo, who turned up 3 hours late for his match, was docked a set as a penalty, yet remarkably came back to win. CooCooCachoo said he had forgotten he was due to play and blasted the tournament organiser, stating he should have been given a seeding and a Tuesday start, but still managed to launch a spirited fightback to progress.

In other matches, home hopes were kept alive by half-a-cat and marcelwks who both secured routine victories to advance. Top seed LK_22 fought his way past Fergie who suffered another disappointing first round loss. This commenntator was delighted to see the lovely Nadie end her singles jinx with a victory, and the 8th seeded Croatian Deathless Mortal was a surprise 1st round casualty, losing to lowly ranked StatBoy3.

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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

I'm in and I got nothing to prove to any captain

and doubles with Nathaliia

Originally Posted by FormerRafaFan View Post
That will be the last victory of Rafa for quite some time.. With his joke mentality and pathetic game, I hope the disgusting player loses every single match next season. He's disgraceful. He should just retire. He's a joke.
Originally Posted by l_mac View Post
(10) Corey Feldman vs. (12) scarecrows
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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

Originally Posted by scarecrows View Post
I'm in and I got nothing to prove to any captain

and doubles with Nathaliia

such a lack of patriotism

TT results
singles: Winner /Casablanca/ :: Final /Gstaad, Maui CH/ :: QF /Tokyo, Acapulco/
doubles: Final /Cordoba CH, Maui CH/ :: SF /Los Angeles, Adelaide, Costa do Sauipe/ :: QF /Tokyo, 's-Hertogenbosch, Acapulco, Moscow, Beijing/ (with biliana)
PAW race rank 26 (29) :: results
Winner /Houston/ :: Final /Gstaad/ :: SF /Paris/ :: QF /Hamburg, Toronto, Tokyo, Lyon, Chennai, Auckland/
Suicide Tennis rank 9 (8) :: results
Winner /Dubai, Bangkok/ :: Final /Barcelona, Basel/
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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

I'm in, and looking for a doubles partner.
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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

In my lovely city
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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

I'm in

Roger Federer - The GOAT
Wawrinka - Haas - Chiudinelli - Dimitrov - Thiem - Kontinen - Mirnyi

Edberg - Kuerten - Soderling
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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

good luck to running this adam!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.
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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

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Re: Tennis Tipping #5 ~ Wroclaw -> Prove your DC captain was wrong to leave you out!

I am in, and doubles with something of opposite gender, and sexy to extreme, and green-eyed and hmmm, Mediterranean.

Good luck with running it Adam, I live in quite big dorm, guys can stay with me and girls should stay with Marcel.

I will burn
And you will die...

my old Polish blog
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