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Re: 2009 Australian season thread & Livescoring

Originally Posted by ictmee View Post
I used to think Federer had class but he doesn't give his opponents enough respect imo, and his bitching at the start about not being favourite has me supporting whoever he's playing now. Rafa is the gentleman in that particular rivalry I feel And I'm totally delighted for him! Deserved Champion!
Originally Posted by ictmee View Post
Federer was in tears and couldn't manage his speech. Rafa had to give him a wee cuddle before he could do his thanks but he started crying again as Rafa lifted the trophy...
Bad crack, it isn't always about YOU Roger! He even had Rafa apologising for beating him! It was like watching a car crash...
I totally agree. Federer still really thinks everything should be about him. He really deserves the "Ego King" title, imo. He pouted the entire tournament about not being the main focus, and it seems he was determined to take the spotlight even if he wasn't the winner.

I don't fault him for crying, I would cry, too. I do fault him for doing it when he did, because he was clearly taking all the attention off Rafa winning. I don't think he's evil and did this on purpose, but he still should have a little more control over his emotions. Normally I feel bad seeing anyone cry, but Federer talks so much trash lately that I must admit I got a sick pleasure when I saw all the photos on major news sites with him pouting.

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