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Re: Fed's tears justified?

I haven't see that kind of emotional breakdown at a trophy ceremony since Jana Novotna lost to Steffi Graf when she melted down after a set up and serving to go up 5-1.

And yeah, I agree that probably Federer didn't want to humiliate himself in public like that, but still.... He's beaten ever so many people at slams and in slam finals too. I'm sure they wanted it just as badly as he wanted it today, however they managed to remain gracious in defeat. If any one of his opponents in a grand slam final had broken down like Federer did today, I'm sure that they would have been laughed at by most of the posters here. Maybe he couldn't help it, but how is it that others do manage, but he can't? Also, why is it that when Federer cries, it's somehow evidence of just how wonderful he is when those same posters would have laughed at Andy if he had broken down after his bitter losses to Federer at Wimbledon?

When he beat Nadal at Wimbledon the year before last, Nadal wept bitterly in the locker room, but managed to be gracious at the victory ceremony. I'd like for Nadal for once be able to be happy at a slam victory ceremony rather than having to be tiptoeing around Federer's feelings.

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