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Re: Fed's tears justified?

Originally Posted by A_Skywalker View Post
Roger never really felt bad for so many players that he beated repeatedly over the years. He always enjoyed the moment with smile. I dont know if you noticed but Rafa tried to calm him down and thats class. Federer was arrogant most of the times and didnt have any mercy.
Even after the match if you read his comments he is still arrogant.
Doesnt take a lot to see what a person he is. I never felt sorry for him.
And I am not writing this cause I hate him, this is the truth and I believe everyone who isnt fan Federer can see it.
It's funny how you say that anyone who isn't a Federer fan can see it, and yet, people who actually have had contact with Roger for more than 3 hours at a time behind a tv screen have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. They don't have to say complimentary things about him (a la Sharapova), but they do anyway. I guess that says what a person he is. Oh wait, I guess you with your superior insider knowledge know that he is an evil, conniving person who tries to steal others' moments of glory.

Originally Posted by Andi-M
My point is how uncomfortable the winners ceremony was it should of been a joyous ocassion , but everyone seemed really subdued because Roger was crying. I think he could of composed himself better.
I think he obviously tried to hide his tears (what person in their right mind wants 20,000+ people in a stadium and millions others watching to see him cry?), but he was just too physically and emotionally exhausted to try and hold them back. When you're that drained mentally, you can try all you want, but the tears will come.

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