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Re: Playing to seeds in Grand Slams

Originally Posted by Aurora View Post
It's an interesting read for all of those claiming "there was more competition" "era of mugs" etc in one time or another.

But when did seeding start in GS and for what number? Would be interesting to know. Or am I mistaken and it has always been the same? (don't think so)
Ah, thanks for bringing that up, it probably should have been mentioned. I'm not sure on the start off-hand, I only have open era data at easy grasp, but there have been seeding changes.

Since 2001, of course, all GSs have had 32 seeds, up from 16, but that obviously doesn't matter for this post. Since 1977 all GSs were 16 seed affairs.

There are a few pre-1977 Open Era exceptions to the 16 seed rule, at least according to ATP results:

1975 AO had no seeds, and was only a 32-player draw.
1976 and January 1977 had just two seeds each.

Wimbledon had 8 seeds from 1971 until 1973. Before this, it had 16, at least during the Open Era, and it actually had 12 in 1974 before returning to 16 (though I'm not 100% this 12 may not be an error)

The 1971 US Open also had just 8 seeds. All Open Era RGs have had 16 seeds.

This is the recent history of seeding as the ATP draws present them, perhaps someone with more historical knowledge than I can fill in prior history

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