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Re: Introduce yourself thread

It's lovely to read about you Antoniel, Doris and Sean
I hope more members post here too

My name's Lekha and I am 18 years old and I'm from Karnataka in South India. I'm doing my biotech Engg right now.

I first started following tennis from RG finals 2006. I was just changing channels and saw Federer vs Nadal on the screen and I remember thinking "Oh Federer, must be the one the newspaper article was talking about being as good as Sampras" vaguely and I was surprised to find that I was disappointed to watch I guy I'd never seen before lose just followed scores in Halle. The next match I saw was the Wimbledon finals, and by that time, was aware enough of their Head to Head to be very very nervous I was very happy that he won and from then on watched tennis more often.

As sports, I used to follow cricket (we're crazy about that here Dravid ) and I used to play badminton a lot before for my club, school, college and all that. I just play it for relaxation these days. And not too often, unfortunately I have tried playing tennis occasionally. Btw, I have a single handed backhand

Other than that, my interests include music, and reading. I learn Indian classic music and listen to all kinds of music, and I love reading books. Mainly fiction, but I do like reading in general.

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