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Re: The AO Battlefield Chat Thread

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
hmm. I am not aware of how it is in most countries. In the US, you are paid a stipend and are considered a grad research assistant till you finish. The stipend is a small amount and it cannot be considered as a full time job.
Oh yes. I see, i think then it's much different in the US then. Demonstrators, and assisting lecturers must have bachelor and masters degrees to teach in Unis. the good thing about it is they get fixed full time jobs . And they go on with their post graduate studies as PHD studies.

I also think the requirement for getting The masters degree differ.It's very close to the requirements of the PHD degree with presenting an original research and all while in other places you have to complete one or two years of academic study.

I actually finished my PhD last week if that is the progress you are talking about
That's the most wonderful progressive news . And what're ur plans after this if i am allowed to ask ?

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