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Re: The AO Battlefield Chat Thread

Originally Posted by dorkino View Post
On trying to push the pression aside and finding a stress antidote other than sleeping ; Is there any odds that Safina'd defeat Serena ??
The h2h is 5-1 in favor of Serena but I'm hoping Dinara will be strong and perform like she did against Sharapova in RG last year.

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
Betty, if you want to see a tiny little thing in Scottish ....

ADAM!??? come here and drop your pants for a moment

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
Pfft. He will be to Bhambri as Roddick is to Fed
I am certain Alexandros will take care of the #2 seed in the SF and then pwn your boy Bambi in the big final.

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
I'm going to the movies this evening? Any tips?
Movie schedule:
- Death in Venice: great music (Mahler) , very depressing, 2-hours long with 10 minutes of dialogue
- Die Fälscher (German movie): haven't seen it
- The Women: stupid romantic comedy-run away fast
- Dirty Mind (Belgian movie): haven't seen it
- Valkyrie (with Tom Cruise but the story itself is intriguing): haven't seen it-sounds interesting
- Revolutionarey Road (but I'm not a big fan of DiCaprio): great performance by Winslet-a bit sad but good movie
- Seven Pounds (with Will Smith): haven't seen it
- Slumdog Millionaire: interesting and unusual-a bit overhyped IMO
- The Hessen Affair (Belgian/Canadian movie): haven't seen it
- Frost/Nixon: haven't seen it
- The Duchess: not bad, I enjoyed it-entertaining movie
- Yes Man (but that's a Jim Carrey movie ): haven't seen it
- Bedtime Stories (seemed good fun in the trailer): haven't seen it
- Australia (can't stand Nicole Kidman): watch it if you want to see Hugh Jackman in sexy shirtless poses
- Transporter 3: haven't seen it-not my kind of movie I think
- Twilight (seen that one): haven't seen it
- Loft (Belgian movie): haven't seen it

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