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Re: Introduce yourself thread

Hmm, where to start.

The other thread calls me a "retro-sexual" nice guy, which I guess is pretty accurate.

I'm a 27 year old self-confessed country boy who lives in northern BC. I grew up around dogs and horses who were my companions growing up. I still ride from time to time, but less frequently now as life intrudes.

I have a history degree from the local university, and I current work as a data entry clerk. I've had all manner of jobs over the years, but my goal is to eventually become a high school teacher.

My boss would describe me as 'detail-oriented' and 'prickly' which would probably explain why I can appreciate Roger Federer.

I have played some tennis in high school, I used to do more soccer, track, volleyball, skiing and badminton. Sports were always just for recreation, never was all that fond of competition.

I watched my first tennis match in 2001, when I was in Vancouver going to University. I was watching Sampras/Agassi at the AO QFs where Agassi won a 5 setter. I remember that because there was an African fellow in the dorm, who spoke the Queens English, teaching a colonial the finer points of service boxes. I grew an appreciation for Pistol Pete, and would watch his matches from time to time.

I remember this fellow named Federer who some said he was better then Sampras, back in 2006. I couldn't accept such effrontry, so I started following him. Lo and behold, I took a shine, and here I am.

My interests are rather simple. I love to read, and read pretty much everything. I love a good meal from time to time, and playing games with my friends. I'll play anything once, but I am particularly fond of computer games and card games.

I enjoy going to mass on Sundays, and would like nothing more then brunch afterwards with my family and a good football game. That's handmelon not footie.

My goals? I went down to Texas when I was between jobs here in the frozen north and fell in love with a beautiful woman there. I proposed to her back in September, and I am looking forward to heading back down soon to be with her. I'd love to get married and get a start on my own family, but for now I'm stuck up here in my hometown.
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