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Re: Introduce yourself thread

Nice idea to start such a thread Antoniel, though there's already the Federer Express Passenger Thread

The Federer Express Passenger List! 290 Passengers - Seventeen Wagons of Wonder!

where people can introduce themselves

Itís always interesting to get to know a bit more about each other and therefore I want to write something about myself as well:

My name is Doris, Iím 33 and living near Hannover in Germany. I work in the public library of my hometown and really enjoy it. Books have always been an important part of my life. As we are a small team with just 5 employees and one trainee I get to do the whole necessary work and donít have just one particular scope. One of the most interesting part of the job is it to meet a lot of different kind of people each day from all kind of age and social background.

I'm following tennis since nearly 25 years now, but unfortunately have never played tennis myself.

Within the years I supported a lot of players (Becker, Edberg, Wilander, Stich, Rafter, Agassi), but my 2 main favourites are Gustavo Kuerten and Roger Federer.

Guga is special for me as I enjoyed his tennis, his behaviour on and off the court. He always seemed to have a great time when he played, was so loose and happy. Beside this I treasure a lot how he dealed with the destiny of his family.

Roger is special for me as it is such a joy to watch him play. I was always really into the matches of my favourite players (being nervous, screaming, being happy when they won, being disappointed when they lost), but to follow Roger's career is even more for me. I'm amazed how he is able to put disappointments behind him and staying so focused. It's obvious how much he cares for the game and the tradition.
It's great to see that such a successful athlete is able to stay down to earth, being friendly to his opponents on the tour and getting a lot of respect from them. Roger has a great way to communicate with other people, not just the players, but also the crowd and his fans.

I regret it that I didnít went to tournaments earlier. It would have been great to see players as Kuerten, Becker, Sampras, Agassi or Rafter playing, but unfortunately there was never really someone such a huge tennisfan as me amongst my friends or familymembers and I didnít wanted to go alone to a tournament. In 2007 I said to myself I had to use the opportunity to see Roger playing at least once and so I went to the tournament in Hamburg together with someone who I got to know on the internet. It was incredible to be able to watch Roger playing live

Apart from tennis Iím interested in music, mainly from the 80ies (Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams...) Iím a huge fan of the Norwegian band a-ha since 1987. Of course I like to read in my free time. I prefer history novels, thrillers and biographies. Already back in school I started to write stories myself, but I havenít written anything now for a while.

Iím going to the evening classes once in a week to learn French. I had it 4 years at school, but forgot nearly everything as I didnít used the language in my daily life.

That's it about me. Looking forward to read from other fans as well
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