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Introduce yourself thread


I'm quite sure a thread like this have been created before, but I decided to create another one because I kind of searched and couldn't find anything related. This is a thread where you should just, if you feel comfortable doing so, talk a bit about yourself. Your name, how old are you, what do you work with, how "commited" with tennis are you, etc. I'll go 1st. Ps. I'm very aware that some of you know each other, but lot's of new users don't, so...

My name is Antoniel, I'm a 23-year old Brazilian (doh!) from Joao Pessoa. I'm in the last semester of lawschool, but don't like it that much anymore. After I finish the course I'll try to figure out what I really want to work with. I live with my parents and currently work translating articles (english -> portuguese) and news to a poker website.

I started to *watch* tennis back in 2005. I still remember watching Roger beat Agassi in their USO final, but I really don't remember anything about the match, just remember I watched it. Around 2006 I started to follow the sport religiously and became an even bigger Roger fan. It was around that year that I started to really care about his results and become emotionally involved. Nowadays if he loses it can really ruin my day. I don't remember the exact day I got to know MTF, but I'm quite sure I was googling tennis matches and bumped into that old "tennis matches" thread in GM.

In 2007 I went to this resort and played tennis for the first time in my life, and I really loved it since the very first minute. That was around september, and by December of that year I decided to treat myself well, buy some racquet and start to practice tennis. Now it's been one year since then, and I go to the club 2-3 times a week to relax and play .

Poker, traveling, swimming, movies and music are among my interests. I swim 2-3 times a week in the same club I play tennis. It helps my cardio and I also like it because I can think a lot while I swim. I love seeing the nature and those are the best trips for me, rather than an "urban" trip. Those are really great, specially the ones that involves nice desert beaches. I also like pretty much any kind of movie, it just needs to entertain me. I don't care if its a "Will Farrel" (?) movie of it's a Roberto Benini's, it just needs to be nice. The same thing applies to music (but not so much!).

Hm I think that is it. I'd like to know more about you guys, so please introduce yourself!
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