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Re: Davidnalbandian.Net Update Information

Originally Posted by john28 View Post

I only come here now and again, but I have run a fan site for David the last seven years that was and many of you were very kind enough to support the site and of course the forum over the years. Unfortunately the site and the forum collapsed at the end of 2008, due to several issues and factors that are too complex to go into here.

After a lot of reflection I have decided to relaunch the site under a new address, . I would like to think that those who visited the dot net site will pay a visit maybe. At the moment the forum is closed but will be revived soon in a different format, as will the whole site in a new, more up to date design.

I am aware that the moderators of the dot net site are unhappy at how things closed and I guess I have some apologies to deliver, but I hope that we can talk that over in time .
Bottom line is that I still think there's room for a fun, unofficial site for David.

So when do the apologies begin? So far, I see none.

I never post here - as you can plainly see - but you know who I am, John. As a former moderator, I would have hoped that any apologies or talking things over would have been extended via an email inbox rather than posted on a public forum. Since that did not happen, I have a couple of points to make.

1. You know as well as I do that sigmagirl did not consider herself bigger than David nor your fan site. And yes, we were "dumped," so please don't say that we weren't.

2. It's bad enough the forum was stripped from us and the rest of the fans on .net. Now we're supposed to accept with open arms a new version of the site? Why? Is it because David won Sydney? The timing is a bit strange, John. Really.

3. How would we ever go on in a new venture with you when you drudge up the past yet again here, appearing to still harbor ill feelings?

Just when I thought I had gotten over the shock of the circumstances surrounding the closure of .net, this happens.

"If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime." Jack Kerouac
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