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Re: I had to play a JERK

What a jerk!

I think I started a thread a while back when I was suffering from a few frustration issues, but I'm over them now, and like GlennMirnyi says, it's disgusting to focus any anger towards someone who is on YOUR TEAM. Sure, that's really going to help them play better having some idiot shouting at them for every mistake they make.

Actually played a mixed match a few months back and the guy the other end was going mental, shouting at himself and his partner after every point, throwing his racquet...the works. I really felt like stepping up to him because of the way he was intimidating his partner but thought better of it as we were playing at their club and their team captain was there so not my responsibility to get involved. Anyway, to cut a long story short, guy ended up grating his fist repeatedly across the strings of his racquet until he drew blood! Did a Youzhny for all intents and purposes! Absolutely disgusting, needless to say we didn't shake hands after the match
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