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I had to play a JERK

A talented guy, but a jerk nonetheless.

I decided to play up this mixed season and because of how things fall out sometimes, my partner and I ended up playing a 4.5 male/3.5 female combo last night. Didn't know til today when I looked them up...that they were married. I feel sooooo sorry for her.

HE was the complete jerk on the court (ball-hogged, cursed and threw his racket). He was clearly the most skilled of anyone yet his attitude was the worst. Instead of us walking off the court saying, "Gosh, what a good player," we muttered "What a jerk."

And it's sad, what really ticked him off was when we broke him to go up 2-0 in the second set (after losing 6-2 in the first). I'm like, jeez dude, calm down. You have plenty of time to recover. And sure enough, they go up 5-2. Then his partner/wife made a few mistakes, we got a little lucky (and played a bit better ) and tied it back up at 5-5. Too bad to win, he hit some hard volleys right at my partner (at least he didn't try to hit me...but still...just a bit slimy).

Sorry, gang, for the rant. Probably not thread-worthy...but I'm not used to running across that sort of player. The ladies can be a back-stabbing bunch but it's mostly with words or off-court antics and the men I've played with (and against) to-date have been nothing like that. Guess that 4.5 rating comes with an attitude, eh?

I love my girls.
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