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Re: The Pre-AO Anxiety Chat Thread

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
long history wilde,but i thought that the worst was pass..but today...i discover..that was only my hope..i feel a bit down for it
btw we know that this problem can remain until 3 year so..we'll see
Maybe you were over protective with him where he was little? I have this collegue, she has a 8 y.o and when he was a baby, she used to wash his clothes by hand, rincing them 100 times, boiling them twice and then ironing them front and back The child developped some skin problems but as he grew up and started interact with children, proper food and normal clothes , in time he got rid of them.....

Originally Posted by wildegirl05 View Post
he's got an opinion, much like many posters on mtf and those who follow the game keenly. and he's not saying anything that others cannot think out for themselves - it is hard to change racquets and surprising that one would do so before the first grand slam which doesn't have a lot of run-up events. it's not like said "zomg, novak's gonna crash out 1R. you heard it here first. NID"
He has an oppinion right, but he's not in the position to make it public. They are lockeroom collegues, rivals and not the best of friends. It doesn't sound right to give him advices about changing rackets even if he's right and I think he is.

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
WG, you never get this defensive around Rafa.
That because she is Fedal conscient that Rafa is a cautious boy who doesn't speak what he shouldn't

Originally Posted by anon57 View Post
But that would rob us of Roger's brilliant, diplomatic and insightful answers, and it would leave us with nothing but actual tennis to discuss on GM
That would be really unfortunate, indeed

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