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Re: The Pre-AO Anxiety Chat Thread

Originally Posted by wildegirl05 View Post
he's got an opinion, much like many posters on mtf and those who follow the game keenly. and he's not saying anything that others cannot think out for themselves - it is hard to change racquets and surprising that one would do so before the first grand slam which doesn't have a lot of run-up events. it's not like said "zomg, novak's gonna crash out 1R. you heard it here first. NID"

or is the right answer that he has not attended the scoobs school of diplomacy yet?

ok, my friend's here to collect me to go to class i guess she doesn't want to be late or something

Okay here's the thing. If you're Roger Federer, anything you say is news. If he's happy to answer questions that stray into the areas of other players' setups, or aspirations, or expectations, then fine. It'll get reported and polarize people. His fans will get defensive that it's not like he said anything way out there, his detractors will paint him as arrogant and playing mind-games.

I think he'd be better batting away questions about other players and their things, but that's just my opinion. His fans can hardly complain if he keeps feeding the media with lines, even if fairly non-controversial, about other players. Of course people are going to jump all over it and take sides. That's what the media does, that's what fans do. He doesn't have to feed into that, but he chooses to do so.
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