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Re: Mariano news and articles

–¿Did the bad relationship between del Potro and Nalbandian influence the outcome of Davis Cup? (María Rivemi)
–I don’t think it influenced anything. What does influence it, if I was a member or the captain of the Davis Cup team, one day, I would think that in the whole team, I’m not saying they should be intimate friends, but at least that they have a good relationship. With a certain happiness in the team you go a lot further.

–If you weren’t a tennis player, ¿what would you have done? (Julián Corrado)

–No idea. If I had to choose something to study now, it would be architecture, because I like construction.

¿How do you feel about being the nephew of Teté Coustarot? (Julián Corrado)
–I’m thankful that life blessed me with having Teté for an aunt and not…, I’m not going to say a name, a “cat.” She’s the most upright person in the world, a first class aunt, the sister of my mom and I love her very much like the rest of my aunts. [who the fuck is Tete Coustarot???]

–¿What’s the funniest story you have about Tenis Pro? ¿And about tennis? (Guido Negri / Lucio Di Giuseppe)
–I think it was about the cobbler, people who watch the show say that was it. In Italy, we went into the only shoemaker in Biella, with Gustavo Marcaccio, so they’d fix a pair of shoes and the guy ran us out. Then, there are thousands of stories. Like how Maradona came to play tennis with us, I met and filmed a lot of people, because they saw it and were excited about it.

–At one of the Davis Cup matches, you were in the stands, very involved. ¿Did you feel that you should have had a place on the court? (Romina Fernández)
–No. I was involved because I saw it as a fan, as an argentine, as a tennis player, as an ex Davis cup player, where I’d played some ties. Obviously, I want Argentina to come out on top, because I believe that all of us who’ve played Davis Cup must feel part of this success. If we’d won, it would have been the work of many years, of many players, not just the four who played in the final.

–¿Do you think that one day you will regain the level you had in the past? (Lucas Grosso)
–It’s not easy, that was 8 or 9 years ago. Your mental and physical composition aren’t the same at 20 or 21, as they are at 30 or 31. Regaining at least a little of the level or the ranking would make me very happy as well.

–¿What was going through your mind at the best moment of your career, back in 1999 when you were 21 in the world? (Pablo Dao)

–I was always very calm and I tried to enjoy the moment, from day to day. I’m a person who enjoys life, the little things. I didn’t say, “Wow, I’m playing well”: I never was ambitious about ranking. I knew if I played well, I’d get better, and if I didn’t play well I wouldn’t be able to get better. I got to where I got in the rankings with all the dedication and effort I had.

–¿Did the aggression that you and your dad suffered at the Davis Cup tie against Chile, as visitors, in some way affect the later development of your career? (Carlos Crespo)
–I don’t think so. Yes, of course it affected me because up until then, everything was going fine and what happened was something very unusual. But I don’t think it scarred me.

–¿Who are your [role models?] in the world of tennis? (Julián Corrado)

–I don’t know if I have role models, to be honest. I really like Gustavo Kuerten’s manner, as a person and as a tennis player, I don’t try to copy him. But I really liked how he was.

–¿What message would you give to young people just starting out who want to become great tennis players? (Julián Corrado)

–That they know that it’s a demanding sport; but if they really like it and they love to play tennis, that they give training their all.

–¿What is Argentina missing to have a number 1? (Marco Quintana)
–We were close. With David Nalbandian, I think we were close. I still back him because he’s young, he can. I think the hope is in Del Potro, as I always said, for his level the mind he has he can aim to be number 1 in the world if he wants. He’s the best player in Argentina.

–¿Why do you think tennis has become more popular? (Bruno Perrone)

–Because a lot of players came out… our gang, Coria and Nalbandian. The past six or seven years of argentine tennis were incredible. The tournaments they won, all the years of having 2 or 3 guys in the top 10. It’s uncommon for a country to have so many players. Before, the people liked Vilas or Clerc and, if they didn’t like Vilas, they didn’t watch tennis. Now they have eight guys to choose from, this gets the people a lot more turned on.

–¿In your opinion, in what position would tennis be, in relation to other sports? (Bruno Perrone)
–In third place, behind fútbol and auto racing.

–¿Would you change anything about the tennis rules? (Sara Silveira Vallejo)
–That you don’t play so many tournaments in the calendar. That the players had more rest, like in the NBA, baseball and American football: they play seven months and they rest the rest of the time. Tennis players should have three months of rest, not a month and a half, or twenty days.

–¿How are tennis women? (Cristian Orellana)
–I never much liked tennis women. Maybe those who are feminine, but they are very few. I like them to be very feminine.

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