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Re: Mariano news and articles

–¿Should Vilas have been the new captain of the Argentine Davis Cup team? (Daphne Johns)
–Vilas should have a chance, he's already the greatest argentine tennis player in history and one of the best in the world. I think he knows a whole lot about tenis, to contribute to the team. Yes, he must be given a chance.

–¿How was your personal experience in Davis Cup? (Guido Negri)
–I never had the chance to play well. I couldn't give my best tennis, or win matches. I only won one, but when I played Davis Cup I had a spectacular sensation: I was representing the nation. Even though it wasn't positive, to be part of the team was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

¿What was the best match of your life? (Facundo Montoya / Sara Silveira Vallejo)
–The one I won against Petr Korda, when I was 19 or 20, at Roland Garros. He was number 2 in the world and I came through the qualleez, I beat him on one of the big courts.

¿How would you categorize your current state of tennis? (Guido Negri)
– Well, now, after almost seven months of being out of tennis, because I was worn out. I turned 30 and a crisis grabbed me; I was tired of traveling and I had dedicated my entire life to travel and tennis. I don't regret anything, but I got tired. I stopped running and playing for a couple months; and now, I'm training again, hoping to return in 2009, for one more year.

–¿What do you think about Juan Martin del Potro? ¿Do you think he's aware of all that's expected of him? (Pablo Dao)

–He knows. I've known him well since he was a little boy, because he's from Tandil. Everything he's done up until now is huge. He's a calm guy, he's focused enough and he has the desire to keep growing and to go as far as he can.

–¿What are your professional plans for 2009? (Diego Benavídez / Carla Soster)
–Training well. I'm going to start by playing some challengers this month, and I'm gonna see how it goes y how I'm playing. But my idea is to dedicate myself for all of 2009; and at the end of the year evaluate how I finish and how I'm playing. If I'm going to continue or not.

–¿Do you have some unrealized dream? (Julián Corrado)
–Yes, to have kids.

–¿Your greatest sadness in tennis? (Guido Negri)

–It was when we lost the Davis Cup semifinal against Spain, over there. We were two equals, and Gastón Gaudio had been tapped to play the last point. We had both lost in singles, Lucas Arnold and Calleri won the doubles, he also won the singles when he replaced me on Sunday. When Gastón came in, we lost. This made me very sad, the match I had lost, we came so close.

–¿Why do you think there's such a big difference between Rafael Nadal and everyone else? ¿What does he have that nobody else has? (Guido Negri)
–He's touched with the magic wand. He's different, too much. Much physical difference from the rest, he's blessed. Combine this with the incredible tennis talent he has and the result is Rafael Nadal.

–¿Why, at the time, was there bad blood with Guillermo Coria? (Federico Aimetta)

–I never had a beef with him. They're wrong. I get along with him very well; we're not intimate friends, but we get along very well.

–¿Where did you come up with the idea for Tenis Pro? (Lucas Nahuel Lucero)

–They called me to do an interview show with the players. After a lot of back and forth, I accepted. I took notes on all the players and, when they told some story or anecdote, I always filmed it, because I really like to film. Then, we started to pass around these videos. We did the interviews in one or two months, because we only talked with the 8 best argentine tennis players. It was very good. Then the idea of showing these films came up, the people were excited. It's a very good show that the audience likes a lot.

–¿How and why did you get Gaudio involved? (Guido Negri)
–El Gato is my very good friend and this year he wasn't playing, and the idea with Chela was to continue with the program. We asked him if he wanted to get a little more involved, and I think the people like to see Gastón Gaudio, as a character and as a person. Then, he's huge in tennis and his involvement in the show is spectacular.

¿Is it true that the biggest factor influencing which tournaments you choose to play is the quality of the women? (Nacho Pinto)
–Noooo, that's a lie.

¿Do you see a renaissance of Argentine tennis? ¿What players do you see becoming members of this new generation? (Andrés Parravicini)
–It's Del Potro, at the top. David Nalbandian is still young, he has a couple more years to be among the best in the world, he's at that level. Then it would be Juan Mónaco, Acasuso, Schwank, coming a little further behind; that is, there are young players who would make good Davis Cup members. Then, there's the group of Gaudio, Cañas, Calleri and Chela; because now we're all 30 and we're only going to play a couple more years.

¿Are there always confrontations among Argentine players when it's time to play definitive matches like at Davis Cup? (Julián Corrado)
–It's not the norm, there's friction just like in any environment. The fought or they fight… they're locker room conversations that should not have been released to the press. It happens all the time, like it happened with Gastón and Coria at the time, but these are fleeting situations.

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