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The tennis player from tandil answered questions from readers of in the last edition of our magazine.

¿What's the story behind the possibility of you being the coach of the argentine team along with Martin Jaite? (Ana Albornoz)
–Martín proposed the pairing, and the truth is I loved the idea. I would like to be the Davis Cup captain in the future. I'm young and I still want to play tennis. It would have been spectacular if they'd selected us; more for him, since he already was a few times: as a member, with Daniel García, as assistant or doubles captain. I think he had a very good idea. I would love to work with him, the experience would serve me well for being the captain in the future.

¿Did you ever aspire to be number 1 in the ATP ranking? ¿Or to be in the Top Ten? (Guido Negri)
– It's difficult to aim to be number 1, but when you train every day, and you wake up every morning, you want to get as high as you can in the ranking. One of the goals that I didn't achieve in my career was to break into the top 10. Obviously it's not easy, because we're in a very competitive sport that's played all year, with players who play very well. But yes, every day, when I woke up, I thought about this.

¿What surface to you prefer: hard, clay or grass? (Stefanía Enríquez)
–Clay, because the majority of argentines were born playing on this surface, out of tradition. Northamericans are born playing on hard; we're the same way on clay.

¿Do you feel this was the chance to win our first Davis Cup? ¿What were the failures that prevented us from making it? (Guido Negri / Lucas Grosso / Yamil Fesia / Jorge Barrera)
–It was clearly a good opportunity which, unfortunately, was lost. But I believe Argentina will have another chance, in the future, because we have very good players.
We had the bad luck that del Potro was injured; he was a key player for Davis Cup. But then, it was lost by not having a good doubles team to win this important point and define the final.

¿What is your opinion with regard to the relationship between the players and the argentine press? (Juan Carlos Lopresti /Sara Silveira Vallejo)
–This, I respect it; how each of us interacts with the press is personal. I believe that the press needs the players and the players, at times, also need the press. There were many doubts in the Davis Cup. It would be ideal if there were a good relationship, that there were press conferences so the reporters can find out how the players are feeling or how they are. And in turn, that the players aren't bothered because of doubts about the final, they're very focused and very nervous; and they need to stay calm for as much time as possible.

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