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Re: Will Novak take a WC for a tournament next week? Should he?

Originally Posted by jitterbug View Post
He probably needed this as a good kick in the boll*cks though Anyway, I'll try my best to get Nole photos for you guys if I see him around in Sydney. I'll be volunteering so there won't be much spare time but I definitely need to hunt him down.
Thank you, - and enjoy your time there.

Originally Posted by Herdwick View Post
Cheers - good. He can't go into the AO with no match practice - that's asking for more trouble.

Am worried he hasn't used his off-season time as well as he could have though. Am sure we all hoped TMC success in November would provide him with decent momentum into 2009.
Totally agree! Far too much partying - TV programmes, opening restaurants, football matches, nightclubs and generally having fun BUT.......... from my point of view that's exactly why I love Nole He may crash out early in Australian Open - nothing would surprise me But I'd kind of hate it if he was a robot, who just practised 24/7 and didn't have a life outside tennis world. We're only in the first week of the season - last year was great for the first 6 months and pretty sh*t for the second........... maybe this year wll be opposite. Nole is always full of surprises.


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