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Re: Gambling confession

Originally Posted by kinster View Post
I started gambling 3 years ago in the summer. I am in debt at the moment at
-£614.03. My high point is near +£700 and low point is around near -£1000. I want to quit if I ever reach -£1000 again. I want to win my money back real bad and maybe quit but I doubt I ever will.
The highlighted statement is one of the classic pathological thoughts that can lead to gambling addition and ever-increasing debts.

I'm not saying your situation is bad - the amounts you quote are relatively benign -- but it is a thought like 'I want to win my money back real bad' etc that can lead to increasing gambling problems/debts in some people.

It can help if you recognize such a tought as irrational, and just take it easy and try to view your gambling more as a recreational hobby in which case gambling can be more fun and relatively harmless. It's a lack of discipline with irrational thoughts like 'I want to win my money back bad', 'I need to win $xxxx by tomorrow/next month' that can cause problems.

The irrationality can be explained as follows:
1. Someone has $xxxx debt from gambling.
2. Wants to recover his debt by gambling.

Statement 1. suggests the person has a big chance of losing more money by gambling. Therefore statement 2. is irrational.

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