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Re: wrist movement!

Originally Posted by timtennis View Post
hi! my name is tim and i just started playing tennis again after a 6 years break!
so i have a question. my coach tells me the wrist must not move through the movement of the forehand and the backhand.. but i watched a slow motion video of pros in youtube and i can see they hit the ball with their wrist laying back!! so what should i do?? plz help!! thank you in advance.
Hmm, well you certainly use plenty of wrist action on the forehand in order to whip behind the ball and generate extra racquet head speed. Although you will see some clunky techniques which use mostly the arm. You need a more stable wrist for the backhand.

I've had a slight wrist injury for a while now and it mostly affected my forehand and serve as you'd expect, just can't get that same wrist snap. My backhand and volleys have been fine though.
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